Invasion artificial intelligence in tools like ChatGPT will change the way we look for things on the internet. Now we can ask tough questions or make more specific requests than just typing two or three keywords. However, we must not forget where we came from. Before ChatGPT became trendy, chatbots were plentiful and plentiful. And in front of them bots have also taken their first steps on services such as IRC or MSN Messenger and the like.

OpenAI AI could be more complete or do amazing things for example, summarizing text, making lists of things, or creating images from nothing. But if we focus on the task answer the questionsThis has long been thought of. It’s over. Microsoft itself, with all the years of life it has behind it, has long been doing this to create question answering program.

For some time, Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into its bing search engine. A solution that came at a price but seemed to work well to draw users against the all-powerful Google. Even google itself plans to integrate its own AI into its searches. and other similar brave they do the same for give more useful results in your browser.

Bots and chatbots, ancestors of ChatGPT

Although we have talked about it in detail, it is worth remembering that ChatGPT is a tool based on conversational AI. your role answer as humanly as possible to user questions. But it has other uses as well, such as knowing what content to offer to your database user, how to organize it in a way that is useful to us, which parts to ignore and which to highlight, etc.

But before OpenAI introduced artificial intelligence, for several years some sectors were talking about chat bot. Some applications that we now find in mobile applications and websites and which do assistant, assistant or user support. The combination of artificial intelligence with database with questions and answers By default, chatbots are a slightly less developed version of ChatGPT.

And if we go back in time we will meet bots or first chatbots. Elementary programs that responded to commands, offering answers to questions. They were successful on IRC and some even they made the leap to instant messaging from MSN Messenger, ICQ or AIM.

Source: Social Songbird

SmarterChild, the first big viral bot

Going no further AOL Instant Messaging Program there was a bot named SmarterChild. It was also available on ICQ and MSN Messenger. It was released in 2001 for free for information distribution and was later relaunched with a paid version. Are you familiar with this strategy? This is the same as they follow in OpenAI with ChatGPT.

Come back to smart child, in his most successful days he came to answer over 30 million users. And he had special versions to, for example, speak like Austin Powers. In addition to keep up the conversation In more or less sound mind, he could answer questions about current events, weather, sports, movies, or market information. C’mon what’s through instant messaging offered a very complete service for what seekers were then. And if you look in the future, then at today’s.

Interestingly, the company responsible for this ChatGPT background was first called activebuddy and then colloquium, was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. However, they limited themselves to dismantling the bot, integrating their knowledge and technology, and nothing more was known about it. To the present day.

Source: Wayback Machine

Bot Encarta for MSN Messenger

Bots and chatbots They have come and gone in the history of the Internet with more or less success. IN Telegram, for example, are very popular. Another bot worth mentioning is microsoft encarta, which has been a reference digital encyclopedia for many years. Although he has sunk into oblivion and the current referent WikipediaEncarta made possible the transition from paper reference books to have the same on several CDs or installed on your computer.

Instead of spending hours looking for books turning pages and pagesEncarta made it possible for you to find what you were looking for by typing the right words or viewing posts and links. A complete saving of time and effort. Knowledge in one click at a time when the Internet was not yet available to everyone.

But by 2005, Encarta was already in decline. It’s over. In 2009, this will be an unsupported Microsoft product. Wikipedia has already emerged, the Internet has already begun to be must have for many and messenger had millions of users. So, along with other bots that have gone into oblivion, and what we saw before, the Encarta bot appeared, which i answered your questions from this instant messaging app. We even responded in Hypertextual back in 2006.

MSN Messenger was the predecessor of ChatGPT.
my walls

ChatGPT without AI but with answers

In order to use the bot, you had to add it to your contact list. To do this, he had his own email address [email protected], which no longer works. and allowed to do consultations in English, but also in Spanish. Although he coped with the first language better than with the second. Later, special bots were created for encarta in spanish with the address [email protected], which also does not work today.

Although the bot was limited search Encart and return the fragment to you entries and links to read this article in its entirety, at the time it was already a great achievement and a way to integrate search into external applications such as MSN Messenger. And saving distances, the result is very similar to what we can do in Bing with ChatGPT.

Source: Hiper Textual

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