Google has released Bard’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for public testing in Gmail and Docs. The tool is only available to US business and education users invited by the company, who can sign up and join at any time.

This is the first time people outside the company have access to these features in Workspace. Over time, Google will expand the tool to more people and products. In the future, the company plans to integrate the technology with other services such as Meet, Presentations (Slides), Spreadsheets, and Chat.

Interested parties should follow a new AI-specific Workspace page to find future engagement opportunities. Users will be able to send feedback to improve the technology.

How Generative AI Works in Gmail and Docs

In Gmail, users will be able to type anything using productive artificial intelligence with multiple options for styles and pitch. Technology can make text more detailed, formal, or shortened. The tool also offers the “I’m feeling lucky” option, which makes “more fun” stylistic choices, including emojis.

AI in Google Docs helps write blog posts and even lyrics. Pressing the “Help me typing” button opens the platform with a prompt entry. After the technology suggests the text, users can like/dislike the suggestion, refine the tone, or create new emoticons before adding it to the document.

Google also provides administrative controls so organizations can set the right policies for their employees. In this way, companies can ensure effective and responsible use of artificial intelligence according to big technology.

Source: Tec Mundo

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