Innogo geyera must be real This hybrid PC is distinguished by the presence of a special mount based on its suspenders, due to the fact that it can be carried anywhere with you in a ready-to-use state. And there is no need to slander the jarring lawyers among the journalists who hastened to compare the device with the Eve.

The ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM RMT02 gaming tablet is an inexpensive, inexpensive gadget, the price tag for it has dropped to $2500. The regular version of the z13 will cost $1750, but it doesn’t beta fashion prrrr Because I could pay for it, I’ll soon come to the rest of the world – because of the top Asus it is.

Horn Thread Z13

ROG Flow Z13 is not new, not flat, not cheap. It’s a Core i9 processor that’s running 32GB of OS and 1TB on the postcard. Graphics provided by GeForce rtx 40 series, the picture is shown on a 13.4-inch dci-p display. Unfortunately, there is no data on the battery life of the device, but there are suspicions that it does not depend on the duration. However, for a fashion accessory, this is not the main thing.

Horn Thread Z13

Source: Tech Cult

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