A few rumors point to Nvidia already working on it. RTX 4090 Ti, the future graphics card of the upcoming GeForce 40xx series. Now, a new leak has revealed images graphics chip cooling systemIt brings great build to support GPU.

Past speculation has been that the RTX 4090 Ti is a 600W average consumptionand as a result the heating will also be strong. With the new leaked images, we confirm not only the existence of the plate, but also the extent of what this “monster” can do.

The heatsink is solidly built, but what stands out is, silver base plate increaseit, that is, the metal plate that comes into contact with the chip to effect heat exchange. However, it is interesting to note that the body of VRAM memories will also be preserved.

Currently Nvidia is using supposedly thermal pads To realize this heat exchange. This nomenclature is used to denote small pieces of a rubber-like material that come into contact with the chips.

Heat dissipation structure

The heatsink will retain the GeForce 30xx series design to allow airflow. hybrid cooling chamberbut it will also have more protection and thermal dissipation for the VRMs and various thermal pads for many components located on the board’s PCB.

The other leaked image is purely aesthetic, referring to the silver plating reminiscent of the silver infinity symbol on the outside of the plates. Rumors point out that the RTX 4090 should have the following features. Double the performance of the current RTX 3090and several new features were leaked last Monday (16).

The first cards of the Ada Lovelace architecture are expected to hit the market in mid-July, but the RTX 4090 Ti should not hit the market any time soon.

Source: Tec Mundo

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