The former McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain in Belarus has decided on the name of the brand. KSB Victory Restaurants, the network management company, has filed an application with the local patent office for the registration of the trademark.

The Belarusian network of former McDonald’s has decided on the name of the brand.

Information on the application for registration of the trademark is located in the database of the Belarusian Patent Office (NCIP). The plaintiff, filed on April 5, is KSB Victory Restaurants, which operates a McDonald’s restaurant chain, which has ceased operations in the country.

At the end of March, information appeared in the media that McDonald’s restaurants in Belarus began to operate under the slogan “We are open.” It was mentioned that the Kazakh network was given the same name.

However, KSB Victory Restaurants later denied the name change. The company then clarified that they had not yet decided on a new brand.

At the time of the termination of McDonald’s activities, 25 restaurants of the network were operating in Belarus.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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