“Yandex.Market” began to apply the calculation of remuneration for new points of issuance of orders (POI), the market reported. From now on, a fixed “flat” fee will be applied: 5% of the volume of orders issued.

Previously, the fee was calculated based on the period of operation of the collection point and the number of items issued.

“Yandex.Market” changed the calculation of remuneration for new points of issuance of orders

Changes to the offer will go into effect on April 11 for those who requested a new pickup point to be opened the same day or later. A Market representative told RB.RU that the site has taken new steps “to strike a balance between the interests of existing and new outlet owners.”

“During the first quarter of 2023, the number of Yandex.Market-branded collection points almost doubled and continues to grow. At the same time, it is important that the opening of new outlets does not negatively affect the work of existing partners and customer traffic to their outlets,” the company explained.

Previously, for the first three months of work, the new collection points had an increased remuneration. For example, pickup points with a volume of issued items up to 500 thousand rubles could count on a payment of 12% of this amount.

A collection point with the same emission volume, but with an operating period of 4 months or more, could already count on 9-10%, etc.

The new fixed rate will allow you to receive only 5% of the volume of orders issued.

The Market added that when changing the owner of the collection point, which was open before April 11, 2023, the old remuneration scheme will apply.

In addition, the Market will now display a map with recommendations of the best places for new points only if, according to the Market’s calculations, a sufficient number of pickup points are not working on them.


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Source: RB

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