Free VoIP (voice over internet protocol) software Discord, Intended to be a meeting point for virtual chats, it was originally planned to be used mainly between two people. players
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But now it’s been revamped to be the “place to talk” about any topic, whether audio only or video.

On Discord, you can create a user on the server and invite people to join or follow someone you know. Similar to creating a virtual meeting or group callbut it differs in that the tool has additional functions such as screen sharing and chat in a more striking, friendly and easy to configure way, explains the ‘Geek netic’ portal.

This software can be used on any system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS.

While most of the functions are free, some of the low cost have been added, Like expanding the capacity of the server where the meeting site is hosted, this leads to improvements in video, audio and streaming quality.

If Discord is downloaded to mobile, it will work as a messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram, and servers or communities will be like celebrity groups of those apps, continues private portal ‘Geek netic’.

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According to the ‘Planetary Streams’ portal, considering that this is the only program currently running, the app requires 4GB of RAM, otherwise, You will need a little more capacity to have a good connection experience and enjoy your news, because it uses about 300MB of RAM.

one. To install it on the computer, you must go to the official portal of the application and after doing this you must log in by clicking on the option on the right.

2. There the ‘Register’ option is selected and the requested data such as email, username and password are filled in.

3. When the user is created, a window will appear where you can create the first server (group or community) to connect with your acquaintances or people with the same interests, or skip this step and create it later by clicking ‘. Jump’.

To download the application on an Android mobile, you must go to the Play Store and in the case of iOS to the Apple Store.


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