According to Alexander Bloshenko, executive director of one of Roskosmos’ business lines, a special company will develop satellite communications technology that can easily set up voice calls using a smartphone without subscriber equipment.

As the top manager said, this year he will start work, thanks to the kits, the Russian satellite system will be supplemented by “one more echelon” – we are talking about the start of system design of a promising constellation.

Apparently, we are talking about an orbital constellation of domestic satellites called “Sphere”, which is intended for residents of the Internet, in remote countries – communications. Its first satellite was sent into orbit in the fall of 2022. It is this grouping that is supplemented by the possibility of providing conversations for the Chinese Zap

This review was made by QualcommThis review was made by Qualcomm

It should be noted here that the world has been working on similar solutions for a long time, consuming access to communication between satellites and smartphones, but so far they use the possibility of sending SMS or significantly reducing the amount of data. Some Apple, Qualcomm and MediaTek mobile chipsets are not active and are open on this page. adaptation.

Source: Tech Cult

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