The long-awaited Bluesky app for Android is finally releasedallows Twitter co-creator Jack Dorsey to access the new social network natively on mobile phones running Google’s operating system. The program reached the Play Store this Wednesday (19) and is still in beta mode.

Announced by Dorsey in 2019 and live since mid-2022, the platform has gained momentum since Elon Musk bought Twitter. It began to be sought as an alternative by users who were not satisfied with the changes made by the new owner of the popular service.

Similar to microblogging, the innovation prioritizes short posts, allowing Internet users to engage in conversations on the most diverse topics of the day.

Those who already use the bluebird network will soon be familiar with the share and like functions, as well as the appearance reminiscent of the company now owned by Musk. It is worth noting that Bluesky is a decentralized platform, that is, all data is stored on independent servers.

How to download and use

Despite the release of the Bluesky social networking app for Android, not everyone will have instant access to the platform. This is because Invitation requirement to join the serviceas well as already available iOS version and web access via any browser.

The app can be downloaded by anyone for free from the Google Play Store, but entry is currently limited to guests. There’s still no word on launch for the general public, but its arrival on Android could be an indication that availability shouldn’t take long.

Source: Tec Mundo

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