Owners of personal mobility aids (SIMs) are required to register electric scooters and receive numbers for them.

This is reported by Izvestia, Information on amendments to the law “On state registration of vehicles in the Russian Federation” from the deputies of the State Duma. According to them, the owner of a SIM card must register it through the State Services within ten days after purchase – the entire process of online passing.

The procedure for registration itself determines the acceptance of prescriptions.

After registration, the SIM card is assigned the state registration number, the owner of the SIM card link to the SIM card of the state registration mark effectively works effectively. If the design of the SIM card does not allow this, then such a SIM card can be used on public roads where there are no pedestrian zones.

— explanatory note to the audit

Thanks to license plate inspectors, they quickly identify violators of traffic rules and record accidents.

Other checks are also being carried out, according to which drivers of unregistered SIM cards will be fined in the amount of 500 to 800 rubles. In case of repeated violation, the fine will increase to 5 thousand rubles.

Here’s another the penalties that are:

• for leaving the scene of an accident or driving while intoxicated: 5 thousand rubles

• in case of repeated use of SIM while drunk: arrest for a period of 10-15 days

• driving on footpaths, sidewalks and pedestrian zones in violation of traffic rules, as well as where it is prohibited by road signs: 2 coverage of rubles

• travel to the light: 1 thousand rubles (in case of repeated violation of a fine in the amount of 5 thousand rubles)

• SIM drivers who are not an advantage in the movement of pedestrians or cyclists: 1.5–2.5 rubles.

Currently, there are more serious problems associated with the rental of electric scooters. For example, the procedure for closing SIM cards in public areas has not yet been established. In addition, there is no unified standard for an educational program aimed at improving the culture and ethics of SIM operation. [Известия]

Source: Iphones RU

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