New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who, in a somewhat stalemate, decided to hand out more than 500 AirTags to prevent vehicle theft.

The politician called the $29 GPS tracking devices “truly incredible ingenuity,” saying the city will be giving away a lot of them, especially in the Bronx, where residents have been hardest hit.

“The increase in major auto theft continues to increase crime in our city,” Adams said at a press conference. “This simple device, this simple AirTag hidden in a car that a person doesn’t know about, is a great tracking device.”

He added: “It’s easy to control. You can see in real time where the vehicle is.

The 21st century requires 21st century police. AirTags in your car will help us get your car back if it’s stolen. We’ll use our drones, our StarChase technology, and good old-fashioned police work to get your stolen car back safely. Help us help you get your AirTag. #GSD

— NYPD Chief of Police (@NYPDChiefOfDept) April 30, 2023

In December alone, the New York Police Department received reports of 104 stolen Hyundais and 99 Kias, according to figures released by The New York Post.

Source: Digital Trends

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