North Sentinel Island. This place is different from the others on this list. The fact is that people live on this island – Sentinelese. But the problem is, they kill anyone who tries to visit their island, and besides, they speak their own language. For obvious reasons, no one has yet learned this language.

Surtsey Island. It was formed only 60 years ago due to volcanic activity. Only a limited number of people are allowed to visit here, because thanks to this island, you can see how wildlife, plants live in new land areas without human intervention.

ocean floor. To date, the ocean floor is 99% unexplored, meaning almost nothing is known about it. Bottom photos were obtained at only 5km resolution: to make it clearer, humans have maps of Mars, and they are more accurate than maps of the ocean floor.

Cenotes Yucatan. The existence of cenotes (mostly funnels) on the planet has become known thanks to new technologies. However, there are still some that no one has seen. They are also part of the cave system, which has not been studied in such detail.

Gangkhar Puensum. It is the highest mountain in the world that no one has yet climbed. The height of this mountain is 7570 m.

Source: Ferra

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