Many smartphone owners have several alarms at once in order to be sure to wake up and not be late for work. Every day you have to find 2, 3 or even 5 signals in the morning.

There is a way to automate this process and do everything you need in a few clicks.

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How to set up iOS to add multiple alarms

1. Download app Quick Commands from the app store.

2. Attach a message to the link.

3. On the desktop, you can set the view to the home screen or lock screen to launch with one tap.

When compiling a recipe, it asks for the time to set the alarm, an increased number of signals and the interval between them.

The script is quite functional, but most users will use the usual ones for numeric alarms and the same interval for themselves.

4. I suggest pumping the command and two parameters at once, so as not to enter them manually. You can set default values ​​and customize when setting alarms.

Values ​​script with default values ​​(left) and modified script without unnecessary dialog boxes (right)

I went even further and completely customized the command for myself. Added two additional alarms with an interval of 5 minutes. Also turned off additional questions and settings. It turned out such a team.

You only need the time of the first alarm and everything else becomes automatic. You can always replace the above parameters in the command.

This is how you can automate the routine processes on the iPhone, which are repeated every day.

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