Telegram is a very popular messaging service in many countries, including Brazil. Those who watched the news even saw that last week, groups suspected of planning attacks on schools in Brazil were expelled from our country by a court order trying to obtain data on their actions.

Thousands of people who had no connection to the story were banned from the app, and news came for them that there was a possibility for them to continue using the messenger through a VPN.

If you are in this group, see the alternative below to use this system and maintain access to your groups in Telegram.

What is VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network (or virtual private network in literal translation). It is a system that allows you to create a network connection that is protected by encryption, hides your online identity and creates a new access point.

To give you an idea, many people can pay monthly fees and access streaming services that only work in the United States, for example, thanks to a VPN. in this way The system provides this connection in real time, allowing you to use IP in the country or location you want.

Browsing on a VPN makes its server your data source, prevent your ISP and others from determining exactly where you are coming from – and therefore the search for services to use Telegram has increased.

Which VPN to choose?

There are quite a few VPN options on the market, and the most popular is NordVPN. If you’re considering a service to continue using your groups on Telegram, we’re looking at more options than suggested.

Features of the service offered by NordVPN include double VPN (encrypting traffic twice and routing it through two servers instead of one – making it harder to find out who is accessing it) and obfuscated servers (bypassing VPN blocks imposed by some sites). ), to cite just a few examples.

For those who plan to continue accessing Telegram groups this way, NordVPN also has over 5,200 servers in 60 countries.As well as protecting up to six devices using just one account, and 24/7 support if you need help with access settings.

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Make your online data unreadable with NordVPN. Increase your online security with secure browsing against criminals and surveillance. Your devices are protected and supported 24/7.

How to Use VPN for Telegram

  • Create an account and download the VPN app on the device you intend to use for access;
  • Connect to a VPN server (preferably from a nearby country as it guarantees maximum speeds);
  • Download the Telegram app on your device and access your account.

In case there is still a problem with Telegram, you can try a different server or use obfuscated servers to complete the goal and stay on top of everything that happens in your groups in Telegram.

Nord Security Services

In addition to NordVPN, you can also explore other services of the brand, for example NordPass (password manager), NordLocker (file encryption and storage tool), North Layer (Commercial VPN) and NorthWL (Toolkit for building VPN products).

To stay protected and connected, access the website and see all the services, benefits and promotions!

Source: Tec Mundo

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