A beer ad made entirely by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? We have it! However, the result is not exactly what you imagined. Call “Synthetic Summer”, the piece shows a few quirks and strange elementsIt probably shouldn’t have been in the video.

Created by Helen Power and Chris Boyle, part of a London production company called Privateisland.tv, the “Synthetic Summer” commercial features a fun and frightening 30 seconds. artificial intelligence is not yet fully ready to replace humans. At least on some missions.

You can watch the video that went viral on the internet recently below:

according to website ArsTechnicaThe British professional duo used Runway’s Gen-2 AI model to bring the curious ad to life. The tool can only use words, phrases, etc. It is capable of creating short videos based on code and text commands such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney, which are sources that generate different images based on

The beer ad, set to the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth, is about a seemingly mundane and fun party in the backyard of a house. But the viewer can see it when they look closely. some deformed people, deformed beer cans and bottlesa burst of fire that hit the guests, among other crazy details, which, as some users commented, turned the celebration into a kind of “hell”.

It is worth remembering that Gen-2 is still in the testing phase. So, it’s not crazy that the tool renders some ridiculous images, as seen in “Synthetic Summer”. This proves that it will take some time to create perfect videos through artificial intelligence alone. Or is it not? We’ll see!

Source: Tec Mundo

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