Nowadays SSDs are a must for building a good PC, whether from the gamer or professional segment, even for the simplest and everyday use. Luckily, one of the best models on the market, the Kingston NV2 has one of the best-selling models since its launch.

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Model: NV2S/1000G, M.2 NVMe form factor, up to 2100MB/s read speed and 1TB capacity.

299.99 BRL

Kingston is one of the most traditional storage brands in the world of HDDs and SSDs, and the NV2 is available at a great discount on Amazon. Generally, SSDs are worth 50 cents per gigabyte, meaning it’s common to find 500GB models that cost half their capacity.

The 1TB Kingston NV2 is priced at: 283 BRL in store. This means that when you buy now, the amount paid will be only 0.28 cents per gigabyte purchased. Even if you buy two SSDs in this campaign and get 2TB in total, it will be cheaper than many 1TB models in the regular offers.

To get an idea of ​​how good this value is, a few months ago most 1TB SSDs cost more than R$700, and a few of these models had configurations much less than the NV2.

M.2 SSDs draw attention with their ease of installation.

A reputable SSD

The big trick with SSDs is that these storage devices are much faster than traditional HDs. HDs (Hard Disk) are produced with mechanical disks that wear out over time and have more limited speeds. SSD (Solid State Drive) uses only an integrated circuit and flash memories, similar to those used in SD cards, and can reach very high speeds.

Kingston NV2 has 3500 Mb/s speed and 2100 Mb/s recording. In practice this is so fast that many computers boot up before the monitor image appears. Leaving an HD to SSD means avoiding dealing with apps that take time to open, games that are too slow to load, and the hassle of transferring files to other devices.

In addition, 1 TB is a must for those who need to store many applications and especially those who play games. Currently, some games weigh more than 150GB, except for massive updates from time to time.

But it’s worth noting that the Kingston NV2 is an M.2 SSD. M.2 is a different format from the early SATA SSDs – similar to a hard drive, but smaller. M.2 has this nameplate format and fits directly onto PCIe connections on the motherboard. While this device is great, check your computer’s compatibility before purchasing.

Source: Tec Mundo

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