The “Finam” broker can provide clients with access to the Latin American and South Korean markets before the end of the year. This was announced to RBC by the company’s president, Vladislav Kochetkov. First of all, it is expected to enter the Brazilian market. At the same time, only qualified investors will be able to use financial instruments.

Broker Finam plans to give Russians access to the markets of Latin America and South Korea

Previously, the broker provided Russians with access to India’s private and public markets through local broker Ashika Group. Now the plans include Mexico, Brazil and South Korea. According to Kochetkov, the Brazilian market will be the fastest to enter.

“Because the Brazilian real is already relatively well established. There is also the question of where to obtain sufficient amounts of local currency promptly and at a normal exchange rate. And if [с Бразилией] our investors are already working with banking operations, with currencies, etc., so Mexico is a bit on the sidelines, foreign economic relations with it are less developed”, the president of Finam specified.

He added that investors will have direct access to markets, managed strategies and other products. Operations are expected to be carried out through an intermediary.

According to Kochetkov’s forecast, new markets can absorb up to 10% of demand. Another 25% will be provided by the American markets (before the start of the military conflict on the territory of Ukraine, the American market accounted for 35% of demand). The Russian market will provide the remaining 65%, Kochetkov believes.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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