Softline, which was previously one of the largest suppliers of Microsoft products in Russia, decided to switch to domestic technologies after the withdrawal of Western companies from the country. Last June, Softline’s plans to split its business into two parts, Russian and international, were announced. The separation process was successfully completed in October.

According to Basalt SPO Chairman Aleksey Smirnov, Softline plans to release its own operating system (OS). The company is currently investing heavily in software development and plans to expand its operations to include integration and distribution. Therefore OS will not be the only Softline product.

Experts from the IT market reported that Softline has developed its own operating system (OS) for computers and laptops. The company plans to build an operating system based on technology they acquired from the National Support and Development Center (NCPR) last year. NTsPR has developed programs called “MSVSfera” based on Linux.

Alexey Smirnov explained that MSVSfera OS is based on American Red Hat and is the foundation of MSVSfera”. According to him, Softline will need several years to improve its operating system. However, the Ministry of Digital Registry already has more than sixty operating systems with extended functionality. Therefore, the expert believes that Softline, even with its own equipment, should make significant efforts to take a significant position in the Russian market. An industry source states that the costs of bringing such a product to market may be comparable to the costs the company incurs in 2021.

On the other hand, Valentin Makarov, president of NP Russoft, believes that Softline can take a significant share in the Russian market due to the wide product range offered and the presence of sales centers around the world. and in the IT markets of friendly countries.

Source: Ferra

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