Despite the recent crisis that made headlines around the world and resulted in multiple mass layoffs at major tech companies, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to rise and many companies shouldn’t be giving up any time soon. One of them is Apple, which has even opened 176 vacancies for professionals working with smart learning and artificial intelligence in general.

Vacancies provided by Apple can be found on the company’s own website. As you can see, 43 job postings were published only in this month of May 2023. 68 of the postings were about Apple’s digital assistant Siri, 52 for iOS, and 46 for Apple. Mac os operating system. The remaining quotas are for personnel who can work on more than one product.

Which quotas are open?

By doing a quick search on the Apple website, it’s possible to see exactly what open positions are in the AI ​​field. For example, if you use the words “AI” or “generative” as a filter, the following settings appear:

  • Multimodal Generative Modeling Research Engineer
  • Visual Generative Modeling Research Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer – Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Visual Generative Modeling Research Engineer
  • Proactive Intelligence, Applied Research Scientist – Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Productive Artificial Intelligence Applied Researcher – SIML, ISE
  • Proactive Intelligence, Applied Research Scientist – Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Proactive Intelligence, Applied Research Scientist – Generative Artificial Intelligence

The company’s attempt to search for new AI experts shows that it doesn’t intend to lag behind competitors, such as Google, which recently launched its own AI chatbot called Bard. This feature is a response to ChatGPT, an insightful and intuitive chatbot provided by the Microsoft-funded company OpenAI.

Even Apple does not hide its desire to more actively explore the field of artificial intelligence. A spokesperson at a recent company meeting reported that the company plans to approach the industry assertively and effectively. In fact, artificial intelligence is expected to be one of the agenda items on June 5, when big technology will organize a special event focused on AR / VR.

Source: Tec Mundo

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