YuMoney, a Russian payment system, introduced an innovation – an NFC sticker that allows you to make contactless payments. According to the company, this sticker is a mini-debit card based on the Mir system. It can be plugged into a smartphone and works regardless of device charging and network access.

One of the main advantages of a sticker is its security. The owner does not store data on expiration dates and other details. All this information is stored in the user’s personal account. This was expressed by Andrei Vasiliev, head of card products at YuMoney, in an interview with RIAMO.

YuMoney Sticker is a convenient and secure payment device. It provides freedom and ease of use as well as protecting the personal data of users. The NFC sticker is the next step in the development of electronic payments and demonstrates YuMoney’s commitment to providing modern solutions to its customers.

Source: Ferra

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