Live Science reported on the alarming symptoms seen near the Iberian Peninsula and in the Strait of Gibraltar – local causes have become increasingly common foods that cause little irritation. So far, not a single ship has sunk and no one has survived, but they are sounding the alarm, because the reasons for such behavior cannot be explained. Among the fishermen, there is a popular legend about the places of White Gladys.

According to Alfredo López Fernandez, a biologist at the University of Aveiro in Portugal, White Gledis is one of the most dominant regions. Some time ago, she suffered health problems due to a fall with a sailboat, after which she experienced behavioral changes. She began to attack the disappearance by the size of the court – first of all, she spoke of the absence of a goal, she never brought the attack to its logical conclusion.

The problem is that other killer whales have begun to adopt the behavior of the White Gladys, as well as train the young to attack passing boats. And here the scientists had a crisis – they do not explain. If in the case of the White Gladys, her behavior can be explained by experienced stress, then what is the point of teaching juvenile killer whales to ram a boat? And that the adult population is teaching cubs, NET doubts – there are already dozens of testimonies.

Sailors note that killer whales are very responsible for the process, they begin to beat with all their might from the silt, do not avoid injuries. It is the name, not the great insight, that case was later found in his newest model. Most of all, it resembles sarring in the ring, when strikes are made to each other in order to prevent this from a personal defeat, not a single opponent. So far, it is not entirely clear what this is all about. will arrive.

Source: Tech Cult

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