Google Docs shows up in a light theme by default. But if you’re a fan of dark mode, there are some easy ways to enable the dark side of Docs on desktop and mobile. This is how you will find the Docs dark mode.

We show this in Google Docs, but the steps are the same for Google Sheets and Google Slides. Google Docs doesn’t offer a built-in dark mode on a computer, but does offer it in mobile versions. If you’re working in Google Chrome on the desktop, you can still set the browser to dark mode using a method called the Chrome flag, which is an experimental function of Chrome.

Flags or flags are usually added as a standard function with the next update. To load the flag, type chrome://flags in the address box. you call later Auto Dark Mode for Web Content† You pick activated and click the button to restart Chrome. If you want to disable the flag later, instead activated choice Disabled

Instead of waiting for all websites to support dark mode, this flag will force dark mode on all web pages. Since this is a mandatory solution, the result will not be as good as websites that offer dark themes themselves.

On desktop, use the flag to make web content bold.


The Google Docs app on Android and iOS lets you quickly switch between light and dark theme. Maybe you have already enabled dark mode in the system, then this is the default view. However, if you only want to see dark mode in Google Docs, do the following.

Tap the three-line icon in the upper-left corner in Google Docs. By Settings open you Theme and there is a choice between lightDark and system default† If you Dark select it, after that all documents in Google Docs will be opened in dark mode.

specific documents

In this setting it is still possible to view certain documents in open theme. Open the document and tap the menu icon again, which is the three dots in the upper right corner. Then enable the option View in open theme† If you close and reopen this document, you will see it in light view.

Here you will find many more tips for Google Docs!

Source: Computer Totaal

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