Planning to take a refreshing dip in the water? Then you can keep your Apple Watch on. It is important that you activate the waterproof function. What can you do with the water lock on your Apple Watch and how do you activate the function?

As the name suggests, you can use the water seal to seal your Apple Watch from water. The watch no longer registers touches on the screen, which prevents the watch from running wild while swimming. The function does not make your watch more water resistant.

unlock water

You can unlock water anytime by holding your finger at the bottom of the screen when you see the watch face or swiping up while in an app. Then you will end up at the control panel where you will see a drop. If you don’t see the droplet, you still need to add the function to the control panel.

Scroll down in Control Center and Change. Drag the drop icon to a new location and tap . Ready. Then when you touch the drop, you activate the water lock. It’s not a disaster if you’re in the water and forgot to unlock the water lock. Basically, the feature turns on automatically when you start a workout in or on the water, but it’s good to know how to turn it on manually.

With the water lock on, you can still see the time by moving your wrist, and if you use the Workout app, you can see your progress during the workout. Siri will still work if: Hello Siri calls out or raises your wrist, but the jog wheel on the side of your watch does not work.

Also, the watch continues to beep and measure your heart rate or oxygen when the water lock is on. GPS also works, and if you need immediate help, you can keep holding the side button to send an SOS SOS message.

Swimming with Apple Watch? In principle, the water seal is automatically turned on when starting a workout in water.

Turn off the water lock

If you want to use all the functions of your watch, you should turn the rotary knob in the direction you want to turn the water lock off again. unlocked on the screen. A series of tones will then be played to clear any remaining water from the speaker. After that, you can use your screen normally again.

Source: Computer Totaal

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