Looking for an alternative to Zoom or Microsoft Teams? Apple has made it possible for Android phone or Windows computer users to join FaceTime video calls. This is how FaceTime works on Android.

create link

When Steve Jobs introduced FaceTime in 2010, he promised to make it an open industry standard. Not so… FaceTime has remained an Apple fan favorite, yet private, method of video calling for over a decade. But since iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and the latest Apple computer operating system Monterey, you can also make FaceTime calls with other participants on Windows and Android.

That doesn’t mean the FaceTime app is available for them as well. However, they can join a chat started from one of the mentioned Apple devices. To do this, for example, open the FaceTime app on your iPhone. Instead of green button New FaceTime touch the button to use create link

The Apple device creates a link for the FaceTime invitation.

share the link

On the next screen, name the FaceTime link and click it. OK† This way you can create different links for people you want to invite but don’t have FaceTime.

If you tap the green I icon after the name of this link, you can share this link via email, messenger, Facebook or other means. You can also copy and paste the link wherever you want.

To join

Enter your name in the browser to join the video call.

At this point, the conversation hasn’t started yet. Tap the info button as the connection must remain active for conversation. You can also add the link to a calendar event so you can schedule a FaceTime call, for example, for someone’s birthday.

It is enough for the person receiving the link to open the link in their internet browser. He then enters his name and clicks the green button to join the conversation. To continue† Therefore, the owner of Android phone or Windows PC does not need an Apple ID.

The FaceTime connection hangs on the side of the iPhone until you remove it. To remove it, use the info button next to the link name again, click the red button unlink and confirm your choice.

Source: Computer Totaal

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