Until now, using Apple AirTags has been something private and personal. Only the owner of a smart tag could see its location on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac, however, with the arrival of iOS 17 at WWDC 2023 those from Cupertino announced the expansion of group activities this little gadget.

If your iPhone is running iOS 17, you can go to the Find My app and select the Share this AirTag option. Along that path the selected user will also see the location gadget on the service card. This feature supports a group of up to five people plus you, and allows all members to play sounds to pinpoint the device.

Certainly, iOS 17 allows you to remove people invited to your AirTag location. anytime you want. In this way, Apple guarantees you control over your privacy and security in any situation.

As a reminder, thanks to the anti-harassment features integrated by the company, every time you pick up an AirTag-related item, you will receive constant notifications that an unknown device is with you. This can be annoying if you only took car keys that you share with your partner, for example. Now, with this feature in iOS 17, that ordeal is over.

Share all your devices, not just AirTags, with this iOS 17 feature.

In addition to working with AirTags, a new feature in iOS 17 also lets you share the location of the rest of your compatible devices with the Find My app. So if you want your friends to see where your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, or MacBook is, it can be done in a few steps.

This feature is part of one of the many new iOS 17 features that Apple didn’t comment on during the WWDC 2023 broadcast. In fact, was confirmed shortly thereafter through company publications on their official news site.

How to share the location of your AirTag and other devices with more people

iOS 17

The process of sharing the location of your Apple devices with a large number of people is quite simple. The only thing you need is the Search application, which is already integrated into any of the company’s products. Certainly, You also need to update your device to iOS 17..

  1. Opens Search on your iPhone.
  2. From the list of your devices, select the AirTag you want to share.
  3. Here you will find an option Share this AirTag. Click on it.
  4. You will see a new tooltip that introduces you to this feature. Click on the button Continue below.
  5. Now select up to five people and click Accept.

From now on, you will be able to see the list of members who can access the AirTag. If you want to remove any, click on its name and delete it.

If you’re a developer and want to see all the features of iOS 17 on your iPhone, there’s a way to install the beta right away. Certainly, This is the initial version and rather unstablebut it will help you immerse yourself in everything new that Apple’s new mobile operating system has to offer.

If you are not enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, you’ll have to wait to try iOS 17 news. If Cupertino follows its usual schedule, the stable version should arrive this fall, with the first public beta available sometime in July.

Source: Hiper Textual

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