He broke his leg and could be recovered thanks to the iPhone 14 and the SOS Emergency function.

The SOS Emergency function was useful in situations that Apple took into account when developing!

The woman was unaware of the iPhone function, which was the key to rescuing herself.

Apple touted the benefits of the feature SOS emergency With a video showing hikers stranded on the mountain after someone injured their leg. Exactly a similar scene was experienced by a woman in Los Angeles and was saved thanks to this function on the iPhone 14, as in the video.

Even without knowing that their devices had these features, more and more people took advantage of them in life-or-death situations.

SOS emergency more and more accurate

According to the information shared on 9to5mac, Juana Reyes was walking With friends in a remote location in Trail Canyon Falls in the Los Angeles National Forest a rock dislodged and fell on his leg, causing it to break. Reyes said:

We tried to reach 911 but there was no service on our phones. “Fortunately my phone has a SOS satellite feature to which it can connect… I don’t know exactly how it works, I think satellites.

The iPhone’s ability to communicate with emergency services surprised Reyes himself, who was unaware of its existence. and also to the rescue team members, some of whom shared the experience via Twitter:

calls Emergency SOS over satellite allows iPhone 14 users to send messages to emergency services when there is no coverage or Wi-Fi connection. The feature is limited to SOS emergency calls only and is available on all iPhone 14 models running iOS 16.1.

Apple launched the Emergency SOS feature during the introduction of the iPhone 14 in September 2023. The service became available in the United States and Canada in November last year.. It was released a month later in the UK, France, Germany and Ireland and [su expansión internacional ha continuado desde entonces, aunque en [España seguimos esperando]((https://ipadizate.com/iphone/emergencia-sos-via-satelite-llega-a-mas-paises-espana-tendra-que-seguir-waiting).

With this expansion, Apple is working to deliver an increasingly accurate toolthat both users and authorities and rescuers can rely on.

So far this year, in Los Angeleswhere they rescued this lucky owner of iPhone 14, Three more people were treated thanks to the SOS Emergency function..

Source: i Padizate

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