One of the latest achievements in the telephony market is Live V29 Lite 5G. And, without exaggeration, it is one of the most important mobile phones for the brand in the Spanish market. Because? Easy: Like the Huawei Lite or Redmi series for Xiaomi, this product aims to be the main sales and expansion channel for the brand.

IN hypertext we had the opportunity to test it for a few days. And of course, this is quite an interesting mid-range mobile as it offers a satisfying experience at a very competitive price. Now: is this the mobile you should buy?

This is Vivo V29 Lite.

Vivo V29 Lite 5G is not a small device, but it is quite thin. It measures 164.24mm high, 74.79mm wide and just 7.89mm thick. As for the weight, it is 177 grams.

As I said, what is most striking is its subtlety. Especially compared to other mobile phones in the same price segment. A feeling enhanced by the curved screen edges and rear glass..

Dimensions and weight 164.24 x 74.79 x 7.89 mm, 177 grams
Screen 6.78″ AMOLED, 2400 x 1080p FullHD+ resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G
storage 128 GB
Front camera 16 MP f/2.45
rear cameras Primary: 64MP OIS f/1.79; Depth sensor: 2 MP f/2.4; Macro: 2 MP f/2.4
Battery 5000 mAh, 44 W, fast wired charging
Software Funtouch OS 13 based on Android 13
connectivity WiFi 2.4/5 GHz, 5G, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, NFC, Dual SIM, eSIM, USB-C
Other Fingerprint sensor on the screen, degree of protection IP54
Price 399 euro

One of the most striking aspects of the Vivo V29 Lite 5G is its screen. This is a 6.78-inch AMOLED panel with FullHD+ 2400 x 1080p resolution. Yes indeed It is capable of reaching refresh rates up to moving between its menus and apps is just great.

The edges of its screen are curved, so it feels like it never ends. This, no doubt, attracts a part of the public, and, as I said, enhances the impression of thinness. Added to this are very thin bezels, which are always more than welcome.

The fingerprint scanner, in turn, is located at the bottom of the screen. Since it’s an AMOLED screen, we can see the fingerprint icon light up when we have an unused mobile on our desk, while the rest of the panel stays off. By touching it, it will unlock in tenths of a second. As for accuracy, during testing i had no problems In this sense.

Vivo V29 Lite 5G

This Vivo V29 Lite 5G comes in two colors black and gold. In our case, the test sample we received was the second one. And the first impression was of a pretty well finished mobile phone.with a shiny gold frame around the screen and a plastic back panel of the same color with a pearlescent finish on top, which causes the colors to change slightly depending on the incidence of light.

The camera module, for its part, does not go unnoticed.. The sensors are located inside a large shiny rectangle of the same color, and inside it are two huge black circles where the lenses will be. This is what draws the most attention from the back of this Vivo V29 Lite 5G.

Vivo V29 Lite 5G camera set: meets the requirements, but without too much pathos

On the front of the mobile phone, we see a 16-megapixel camera with f / 2.45 aperture. The selfies you can take with this Vivo V29 Lite 5G will not charm you, but they will be good for your social networks. Also offers more than enough quality for video calls through apps like WhatsApp or Google Meet.

From my side, rear cameras left me with the best taste in my mouth. It has three sensors: the first at 64 MP and with optical image stabilization; second depth sensor at 2 MP; and a 2-megapixel macro camera.

The last two, as with other competing mobile phones, are completely optional. In the case of a macro camera due to its low resolution. And in the case of a depth sensor, you can simply use other methods to measure depth without the need for a special camera for this, as is the case. In addition, the results of portrait mode, in which said sensor intervenes, are nothing special, so said sensor does not provide a clear advantage. Instead of these two auxiliary cameras, it would be better to install a wide-angle or telephoto.

The main camera, on the other hand, does the job. The key lies in the processing performed by the phone, which translates into well-balanced and detailed images that can be further used in post-processing. The brand has also taken the step of deactivating the default beauty modes so criticized in the West for the unrealistic look they produce.

As for the video, it’s not the most impressive, but yes offers enough stabilization technology to capture scenes without anything that looks like jelly.

More than adequate performance and service life for all users

Vivo V29 Lite 5G

On the other hand, the daytime performance of this Vivo V29 Lite 5G is more than enough for not too demanding users. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor and 8 GB of RAM, which can be expanded with internal memory. As for the latter, the model we tested has 128GB, but there are others up to 256GB and 12GB of RAM..

Even if you regularly play games like Call of Duty: Mobile, during the tests, the mobile phone performed quite well. In fact, I was able to run it at maximum quality and in a frame rate I didn’t expect. There are FPS drops from time to time, but nothing critical or repetitive.

But all that power is useless without a good battery. For this reason, the Vivo V29 Lite 5G comes with a 5000mAh capacity, which will allow you to use it for a long time without worrying if there is a charger nearby. In case you were loaded, you can quickly charge your battery thanks to fast charging up to 44Weverything you need is already included in the box.

Should I buy Vivo V29 Lite?

With a base price of 399 euros, Vivo V29 Lite 5G is presented as interesting middle option. It doesn’t boast too much about almost anything other than the screen or design, but it doesn’t miss a thing if you get it.

Of course: before him is Xiaomi with its arsenal of devices and repetitive offers; Realme with a competitive catalog; and private phones like the Pixel 7a. That is: this is a fairly competitive segment, in which, among other things, the commercial strategy will be key.

Source: Hiper Textual

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