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Google Maps is once again a nightmare for Android Auto users


It is assumed that the main function app updates is to fix bugs or add new features. But lately, Google has been dabbling in the exact opposite: add more bugs and remove features.

A frequently used app was removed from Android Auto a few weeks ago, and only today are third-party screensavers on a Chromecast device with Google TV.

With the latest Android Auto update, some users have started posting on social media about Google Maps crash that completely freezes the app.

In particular, it is about error with google maps satellite view. Many drivers use it because when you’re driving through unknown areas, an aerial view of buildings, trees, or the road itself with real images helps you navigate.

With the latest Android Auto update on some configurations when activating the satellite view, Android Auto freezes.

Google has an open incident in the Android Auto help section, but closed it a few days ago, implying it has been resolved. Nonetheless, the error continues to appear with some drivers, which indicates that it is not 100% fixed.


[CH] drive a car from home

If this happens to you, the only solution that exists at the moment is simply do not use satellite view. All other cards work fine.

That’s not the only headache that Google’s popular car app is causing. The company recently announced an increase in the requirements for the app, which has stopped it from working on many phones that are several years old.

There was also a problem that caused Android Auto icons look huge. Though it’s nothing compared to google map error that ended with a car in a creek …

Source: Computer Hoy

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