If CarPlay is not working on iPhone 15, this may be the problem

The iPhone 15 has a new problem connecting to CarPlay, as reported by hundreds of users across the web.

iPhone 15 and its new colors at Apple Park

The iPhone 15 gave us something to talk about simply because of its new features. Unfortunately, Early buyers report problem after problem in daily use of new devices. One in particular impacts the switch to USB-C, we are specifically talking about CarPlay. According to several users on Reddit and MacRumors, CarPlay is not working on some iPhone 15s and is not providing the correct connection. The problem is with the USB-A to USB cable because many cars only have this first port and not the second.

Not all USB-A to USB-C cables will work, only official branded ones (in some cases)

It’s a strange fact because Some cables work smoothly in some vehicles but not in others.. One of the testimonials on Reddit indicates: iPhone 15 charges but CarPlay activation does not start. The strangest thing is that the user’s car detects the device, but absolutely nothing appears on the screen.

Luckily, while working in an automobile company, he performed relevant tests in different units. Unfortunately CarPlay is not enabled on either car. Neither does the USB-C to USB-C cable that Apple now provides. The problem lies squarely in Apple’s implementation of USB-C in this case the car port, as it does not accept other types of chargers. Maybe the problem will be solved with an update because this detail also appears in USB-A.

Mercedes-Benz with CarPlay

Mercedes-Benz with CarPlay

Well-known cables like Belkin work

Other users experience the same issue initially but get satisfactory results. Belkin BoostCharge USB-A to USB-C cable was used without any problemsA minimum number of users using this cable were also unable to connect to their cars via CarPlay.

Although there is no apparent solution, Apple support shows the necessary attention. A user tried different cables from brands such as Sony, Samsung and Nintendo. Luckily, there is a genuine Apple to USB-A adapter and it worked. Car or iPhone?

Another user who testified to MacRumors stated that Apple was already aware of this situation and said: Another software update will most likely be released to fix the problem.. To confirm that the issue is not with the vehicles, another group of users with wireless CarPlay or direct USB-C ports also reported the same symptoms.

CarPlay in the car

Using CarPlay wirelessly is more interesting

Apple often encounters technical difficulties when releasing a new version of iOS. In this case, not only the performance and battery of the devices are affected more than necessary, but also the iPhone 15 Pro is experiencing unnatural overheating problem. Cupertinos are working at full speed to solve these problems. We hope the details and bugs will be fully ironed out for the next major release, iOS 17.1.

Source: i Padizate

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