Users who updated their iPhones to iOS 17 will no longer be able to revert to iOS 16. With the 17.0.3 update released on Wednesday (4), Apple iOS 16.6.1 stopped distributionThis prevents users from crashing the system.

The change isn’t necessarily new, as Apple has a habit of preventing users from rolling back to previous versions of iOS. As always, the company did not announce the change, but some users commented on the issue on X (Twitter).

In addition to stopping the distribution of iOS 16.6.1, the company It also retired the default iOS 17 and iOS 17.0.1. Currently, Apple only distributes iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3.

By strengthening the rollback of updates, Apple reduces the likelihood of the ecosystem being split into several versions, as is the case with Android.

Fixed overheating issue in iOS 17.0.3

Last Wednesday (4) Apple released iOS 17.0.3 to the general public. The update brings a fix for the overheating issue on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

The company also said it was working to: Optimize apps that cause heating issuesTherefore, it is possible that the changes will bring significant improvements to other models as well.

On the same day, Apple released the iPadOS 17.0.3 update for the iPad. The package addresses a kernel-level vulnerability that could grant privileges to attackers.

The company claims that this vulnerability exists was known by criminals and even exploited in previous versions of the system. Therefore, it is of great importance for consumers to update their devices as soon as possible.

Source: Tec Mundo

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