The M2 chip proved its strength in the first external tests, Apple wasn’t lying in its claims.

Apple’s new M2 chip comes just two years after the launch of its groundbreaking M1 chip, a processor that no one else in the competition has been able to match. And with the second generation Apple has outdone itself with an even more powerful processor and equally efficient. Apple promised 18% faster CPU, 35% more powerful GPU and 40% faster Neural Engine, and initial performance tests confirmed Apple’s data.

However, one thing is data from Apple, the other is actual data that is unknown as there is no Mac with an M2 chip on the market until now. However, now its launch is approaching, they showed Real tests in performance tests, showing the massive improvement of the M2 chip compared to its predecessor.

apple m2 chip

Apple’s new M2 chip is significantly more powerful than the M1

Major development of the M2 chip

Tests on Geekbench 5 show that the currently working M2 chip 3.49 GHz compared to 3.2 GHz on the M1. Additionally, it scores 1,919 points in a single core, which is about 12% higher than the 1,707 points of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. In the multi-core test, the M2 scores 8,928. 20% improvement Compared to the M1 chip’s 7,419 points.

  • chip M1: 7,419 points in multi-core and 1,707 points in single-core.
  • chip m2: 8,928 points in multi-core and 1,919 points in single-core.
chip M2

M2 chip is 20% better than before

MacBook Pro with M2 chip can be booked this Friday, so as expected there is already a special press that tests the device. And presumably, these leaked Geekbench 5 results come from one of the MacBook Pros made available to the press.

For now, The M2 chip is available in two devices, the new MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro.. It’s also expected to arrive at the new iPad Pro by the end of the year, and it could also arrive in a new Mac mini and iMac.

With this score, the M2 chip is very close to the multi-core score of the 8-core M1 Pro chip, which hits almost 10,000 points. hopefully next M2 Pro and M2 Max improve similarly as M2 evolves, so we can see about 20% improvements. These new chips are expected to arrive later this year.

Source: i Padizate

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