80% of Mac buyers already have an iPhone

Latest research reveals the percentage of users who buy a Mac based on experience with an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad

80% of Mac buyers already have an iPhone
A perfect trio of devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac

A new study from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals Interesting facts about consumers in the Apple ecosystem This reflects the percentage of users who purchased a Mac while already owning an iPhone or iPad. It can be said that most Mac users reached this decision because they were already using iOS or iPadOS.. The research is based on Apple device sales data through December 2023.

Users who own an iPhone or iPad decide to buy a Mac

First time buying a Mac before an iPod, iPod touch or iPhone? In my case, the initial approach to Mac came from previously owning these devices I mentioned above. The truth is that 80% of people who buy a Mac do so because they’ve owned an iPhone in the past.. The most surprising fact is that 77% of Mac buyers already have an iPad.

An iPhone or iPad user is more likely to buy a Mac based on previous experience

An iPhone or iPad user is more likely to buy a Mac based on previous experience

The convergence between devices that exists with iCloud in the first place makes it a smart option. When you’re no longer working on a Mac at home, you can continue exploring everything as you left off, on an iPhone if you’re on the go or in a small space, or on an iPad if your work requires a little more screen. dimension.

What makes the Apple ecosystem interesting?

Best of all, you can now build your Apple ecosystem with 2 different devices. It could be iPhone vs Mac or iPad vs Mac, the combination doesn’t matter because once you’re in it will be hard to put it down.

Users coming from options like Windows or Chromebook aims to make a leap in quality something different and The justification starts precisely with the fact that there have been previous experiments with iOS or iPadOS. It’s great to get back to convergence between devices, using certain apps via Continuity on the iPhone and then on the Mac.

If you have a compatible iPad and think your single-screen Mac doesn’t give you enough space, with Sidecar the iPad becomes your second screen and touch screen, and it adds a lot if you factor in the Apple Pencil.

In my case, One option I like is copy and paste between devices. For example, I connect the Mac to a larger display to display certain multimedia content via AirPlay or physically via HDMI; It’s great to copy and paste web page links from my Notes or history into the browser. Not to mention interfering with the iPhone when downloading apps and placing emails and passwords on Apple TV.. Already have an Apple ecosystem?

Source: i Padizate

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