Epic Games proposed structural changes to the Play Store so that Google would allow other app stores to operate. Having won an antitrust lawsuit, the creators Fortnite They are seeking a judge to order Google to open the doors to third-party stores and payment systems on Android.. Epic wants to replicate some of the measures that are in place in the European Union thanks to the Digital Markets Act.

The proposal, filed in the Northern District Court of California, seeks create a fairer market for Android apps. To achieve this, Epic Games is focusing on two key areas: distribution and in-app purchases.

The company, run by Tim Sweeney, says that Developers should have more freedom to choose how their applications reach users., outside of the Google Play Store. This could be other app stores, direct downloads from websites, or pre-installation on devices. In addition, developers should be able toI choose different payment systems in their apps, giving users more options and ultimately reducing fees for app creators.

In your proposal Epic Games asks the judge to impose a number of restrictions to the Mountain View giant. The most basic thing is that developers cannot be forced to use only the Play Store or its billing system. Google also cannot limit distribution by limiting the use of other app stores, direct downloads, or pre-installation methods.

One of the highlights of Epic Games’ request is that prohibits Google from entering into agreements with device manufacturers to avoid competing stores.

For the avoidance of doubt, Google will not require or encourage a carrier or OEM to impose additional steps for a User to enable or access a pre-installed third-party application store beyond the steps required to access the Google Play Store.

Google also cannot pay developers to distribute their apps or games exclusively on the Play Store.

“Epic wants to enjoy the benefits of Google Play without paying for them,” Google responds.

According to Epic Games, the application of these rules opens the way to a more open and competitive market for Android applications, which ultimately benefits both developers and users. Google will not be able to retaliate or prevent the Epic Games Store from launching on Android.

Unfortunately for Tim Sweeney and company, Google doesn’t think so. The company said this proposal further demonstrates that Epic wants to take advantage of Google Play without paying for it. “Android is an open mobile platform that faces intense competition,” a Google spokesperson said. Reuters.

Presentation in California Federal Court does not guarantee that the judge will approve Epic Games requests. Google already lost a lawsuit in December in which a jury found that the company had turned its app store into an illegal monopoly. Given this, Mountain View residents said they will challenge the verdict.

Source: Hiper Textual

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