Apple is launching the iPhone 15 discounts we want in the rest of the world in China

Apple does not want to lose any more sales as a result of Huawei and is responding with an aggressive discount campaign on iPhone 15 models in China

iPhone discounts at Tmall Apple Store in China

Apple is making Significant discounts in mainland China to compete and reduce Huawei’s influenceThis has been further enhanced with the recent launch of Pura 70. These reductions have not been seen in the same region since February. Of course, this is an unusual thing within Apple worldwide, but it is an attempt not to be left behind in terms of sales. How many of us wouldn’t want to benefit from an attractive discount when purchasing an iPhone?

Apple wants to dominate the Chinese market with discounts, but Huawei makes it difficult

It’s a week full of sales, starting today and ending May 28th. Interestingly, these discounts are more aggressive than those seen last February (via Bloomberg ). The most surprising thing is that the discounts are on the iPhone 15 series, the newest series of Apple’s flagship device.. It is more common worldwide to find discounts on previous models and it is very difficult to find them on a new device.

To give us an idea, on Alibaba Group’s Tmall store, Apple is offering up to 2,300 yuan (about 292 euros) on some models. For example, iPhone 15 Pro Max is sold for up to 7,949 yuan (1,011 euros) while its regular price is 1,469 euros. Another model offered at a discount is the iPhone 15, priced at 4,599 yuan (585 euros), slightly more than half its value in Spain.

Colors of iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro series

According to Reuters, Apple’s sale seasons in China are already very common for iPhones. This happened with the launch of Huawei’s Mate 60 series. The evidence is clear: Apple’s sales fell 13% in the quarter ending in December, leaving it at $20.8 billion.

Significant efforts to disrupt iPhone stability in China

In the same report, It is said that the number of shipments increased by 12 percent according to March records. Apple continued to decline even at the beginning of 2024, the first two months were fatal and a decline of 37% was recorded.

It is highly likely that these discounts in May will reflect a figure that will reduce the slowdown in sales. This will appear in the upcoming sales report. These renewals are good considering we are about to finish the first half of 2024. Considering the new rumors that may emerge regarding the iPhone 16, it will be inevitable to see a decline in sales on the eve of the launch of the new device series. .

Apple China website

Trade-in promotion with huge discounts at Apple Store China

Finally, A promotion is running at the Apple Store in China for Apple customers with iPhone 11 and later models. Those who want to replace their iPhone can benefit from a discount ranging from 1,100 to 6,100 yuan (140 to 776 euros).

There is no doubt that these initiatives Apple is ready to offer the best promotions and discounts to retain and expand its customer base It is in a region where Huawei is very strong.

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