Bet on Microsoft integrate Second pilot offering as many products and services as possible, both his own and those of others, he does not stop. Now the Redmond corporation has turned its artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant into Telegram bot.

This is a rather interesting offer, but now it is available to everyone who wants to take advantage of it. The Copilot Telegram bot is in beta testing, so it may have some bugs or may not work correctly all the time. Additionally, this first version seems quite limited compared to the web version of the chatbot or those built into Edge or the Windows 11 taskbar.

On its official website, Microsoft described in detail the main functions of Copilot for Telegram. At the moment the bot can only interact with requests made by text. This means you can’t upload photos, videos or audio based on your requests.

What can the Copilot bot do for Telegram? Microsoft points out that the chatbot uses generative artificial intelligence to act as a personal assistant. Among other things, you can ask him for cooking recipes, recommend movies or video games, create music playlists, develop workout programs, or help you plan a trip. If you are bored, you can also ask him to tell you a joke, and if you want updated information, you can search for it online through Bing.

Here’s how Microsoft’s new Copilot bot for Telegram works

Copilot bot for Telegram works on all platforms which has a messaging app available. This means that you can interact with the AI ​​assistant both from iOS and Android, as well as through the web version and clients for Windows and macOS.

If you have Telegram installed on your devices, you can find the bot directly from the application. You just have to search @CopilotOfficialBot, and you’re done. Redmond also posted this direct link that can be accessed from your browser. Please note that the chatbot has a verified marking, which ensures that you are interacting with official Microsoft development. Pay attention to this detail, because there will certainly be no shortage of malicious bots that will want to impersonate this tool.

When accessing the Copilot bot on Telegram, you will have to accept the terms of use and complete a one-time security check. I’ll send you my phone number. Microsoft says it doesn’t store such information, although not everyone is willing to hand it over. Please note that if you do not complete this step, you will not be able to communicate with the AI ​​assistant.

If you move forward, you will see that Copilot works on Telegram. It is identical to any other bot.. If you want to call the chatbot, you just need to type /start, and to resume the conversation with a new topic, you have to use the /restart command. If you want to see the bot’s capabilities, you can type /ideas, and with /share you can share them with your friends. Microsoft has also included the /feedback option to improve the experience.

All of these instructions appear in a drop-down menu to the left of the input field. As we said earlier, the capabilities of the Microsoft Copilot bot in Telegram are quite limited compared to its integration with other products or services. It means that you can’t ask it to create images, Nothing like this. If you do, Copilot will prompt you to use its web version or download the official iOS or Android apps.

Source: Hiper Textual

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