Here are two of the best mid-range smartphones of 2024: Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus and Poco F6. And it’s a simple or complex comparison depending on how you see it, since the similarities between these smartphones start with the same brand: both are made by Xiaomi, both have a 6.67-inch screen and the same battery capacity. Yes, these are very similar cell phones, but with differences that may make a difference for some users. And here we will tell you which one is better.

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ vs Poco F6: Features and Specifications

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G Bit F6
Screen AMOLED 6.67″ 2K+ (1220 x 2712p, 446 ppi), 120 Hz

Maximum brightness 1800 nits

Gorilla Glass Victus

AMOLED 6.67″ 2K+ (1220 x 2712, 446 ppi), 120 Hz

Maximum brightness 2400 nits

Gorilla Glass Victus

Cameras Main 200 MP, f/1.7

8 MP, wide-angle, f/2.2

Macro 2 MP, f/2.4

Selfie 16 MP, f/2.4

Main 50 MP, f/1.6

8 MP, wide-angle, f/1.4

20 MP for selfies, f/2.2

CPU MediaTek Dimensity 7200-Ultra (4 nm) Qualcomm SM8635 Snapdragon 8s 3rd generation (4 nm)
RAM and storage 12 GB/256 GB, 12 GB/512 GB 8 GB/256 GB, 12 GB/512 GB
Battery 5000 mAh, fast charging 120 W. 5000 mAh, fast charging 90 W.
Dimensions 161.4 x 74.2 x 8.9 mm, 7.02 oz (204.5 g) 160.5 x 74.5 x 8 mm, 6.31 oz (179 g)
OS Android 13, upgradable to Android 14 with MIUI 14 and HyperOS Android 14 with HyperOS
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3, NFC Bluetooth 5.4, NFC
Networks 2G – 3G – 4G – 5G 2G – 3G – 4G – 5G
Price 12,999 pesos at Xiaomi

7716 pesos on Amazon

8,579 pesos at Mercado Libre

7499 pesos at Xiaomi

7,499 pesos on Amazon

7351 pesos at Mercado Libre

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ vs Poco F6: screen and design


As far as the screen is concerned, on paper you might think that both phones are identical, however, when comparing them, it becomes noticeable that the Redmi Note 13 Pro+’s screen appears to be better calibrated in both saturation and contrast.

Poco F6 design.
Image used with permission of the copyright holder

In terms of design, we think the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ looks more premium and the curved edges of the screen are a bit of an aesthetic addition that may be useful for some users. However, in terms of weight, it must be said that the Poco F6 is a bit lighter and this aspect may be important for some users.

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ vs Poco F6: who has the better camera?

While there is a noticeable difference in the megapixel size of each phone’s primary sensor, the results are quite similar, achieving photos with a good level of detail in daylight conditions and less favorable ones when shooting at night. In terms of color accuracy, we’d say we like the Redmi a little better, but the differences are minimal, not to mention subjective.

When using each phone’s wide angle, we noticed results very similar to those obtained with the main sensor in both day and night shooting.

The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ now comes with a macro lens, which the Poco F6 lacks. This lens will help you photograph very close objects, such as insects or some plants. It’s not a lens we like and feels more like an add-on that doesn’t provide much value to the vast majority of users.

We noticed a clear improvement in the video section, with the Poco F6 recording 4K videos at 60fps and generally speaking with better imaging and stabilization compared to the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus.

When it comes to selfies, we prefer the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus’s interpretation, which makes faces look a little more natural.

In short, both cell phones offer very similar photography capabilities, albeit with an important difference in the video section.

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ vs Poco F6: power and performance

When it comes to the power of each phone, the comparison couldn’t be more tilted towards one side and in this aspect, the Poco F6 definitely takes the lead thanks to the integration of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, which is simply more powerful than the fantastic Dimensity. 7200-Ultra.

When it comes to battery life, both phones are more than adequate, and although the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus charges a little faster, the Poco F6’s 90W will have you covered.

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ vs Poco F6: which is better?

From our point of view, we are dealing with a strong connection. If you prefer a nicer screen and premium design, the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus will satisfy you. If, on the other hand, you want pure power and better video recording, you should go for the Poco F6. And if neither of these aspects matter to you, just choose the one that is cheaper, since both phones are excellent.

Source: Digital Trends

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