It was no coincidence that Sam Altman was walking through Apple Park yesterday. The Cupertino company has prepared several surprises related to artificial intelligence, which it placed in a folder called Apple Intelligence. They were 3 years behind in the AI ​​markettherefore their advertisements numbered in the dozens and their functions were shown in detail.

The good news came shortly after talking about news from Apple Intelligence. The company confirmed that not available yet and that users will have to wait. Also this Only iPhone 15 Pro owners will have access to the features. from a smartphone. Finally, he made it clear that beta access will be available during the summer.

To top it all off, today Macrumors found a couple of lines of code that add another bad news to the Apple Intelligence ecosystem: the company has prepared a waitlist that can significantly limit access to features.

“Join Graymatter Waitlist” or “Join Waitlist” are two lines of text that were found in iOS 18. And for those who are lost: Graymatter is a codename assigned by Apple Intelligence..

That is, the system itself has already prepared method for restricting access to Apple Intelligence when it goes into beta this summer. If you thought you’d be able to enjoy the AI ​​in iOS 18, it’s possible that the flood of other users will leave you behind in the early weeks of the news.

Apple, given ChatGPT’s problems with the influx of users, may limit use and free up only a few seats that will be filled by the expected queue. In fact, it makes sense to do something like this in the preliminary stage, when everything is likely to fail due to mass interactions.

The Apple Intelligence waitlist may not even affect you

Unfortunately, it is possible that due to the Apple devices you have, the waitlist may not be of interest to you. Apple Intelligence will be available in a very limited number of productsmainly because of the performance and features required to make it work well.

At the moment, the main list of mobile phones is: iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max only They will have access to Apple Intelligence. Other devices, including the base iPhone 15, remain without support.

This changes for Macs and iPads, although there are also restrictions and waitlists may also affect these devices. Apple Intelligence requires a processor M1, M2, M3 or M4 or any of its variants. Here Apple was softer.

Source: Hiper Textual

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