WWDC 2024 is not responsible for revealing absolutely everything about iOS 18 and the rest of Apple’s operating systems. Little by little, now that beta testing is underway, more and more details are being revealed, which will reach every corner of the final version. In fact, the main hero of today is the app, in particular one of most used apps on iphonebut also on iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.

What application are we talking about? From Time or weatherwhich will tell you all about the weather conditions in your area and the rest of the world. When we read in 9to5macinformation has emerged about several new features that will appear with the release of iOS 18 on the iPhone. In particular, these are two details that aim to add visualization of the parameter and improve geolocation system applications.

What’s more, it’s not just the iPhone and iOS 18 that will benefit from these changes: if you have Mac or iPad Both details will also make their way into a specific app for their operating systems. There is no information about the Apple Watch at this time, so it may be left without these new features.

Say hello to Thermal Sensation

The company’s first new product Weather app will pay more attention thermal sensation. This option is currently available, but it is hidden among other tips and requires a fair amount of work. scrolling to find data. With iOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and iPadOS 18. this temperature will be on the main display.

So much so that Apple intends to place these wind chill data just below normal temperatures. The quoted source comments that it will be made in more modest sizes, but will be available immediately. In addition, it also indicates that will only be shown if there is a noticeable difference between both parameters.

Captured by 9to5mac

That is, if the temperature is 22°, and the thermal sensation is 19°, then it will be as we have already said. But if both are equal to 22°, then the second data will not be displayed in the main visual element.

Weather app improves location in iOS 18

The second new feature is transparent to the user, but incredibly interesting. The Weather app will use the same system as Apple Maps to determine the location of your home and work. GPS does this through cards in the Contacts app, information that the weather app will also start looking at.

So what? The idea is that The Weather app has the best location for your home and work to offer you more relevant and accurate information. Already These addresses will not need to be added manually. and it’s possible that integration with these maps and Apple Maps will allow you to get notifications when you’re on your way to work, such as telling you, “It’s going to rain when you get to the office” or “It’s raining at home. 32°.”

Now both news They will have to wait patiently for iOS 18 to arrive. and the rest of the company’s systems will appear in the Weather app.

Source: Hiper Textual

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