The HomePod may return to Apple’s catalog more than a year after the firm decided to discontinue the product. Here’s how the famous Mark Gurman reveals it for bloombergwhere he assures that the Cupertino-based tech company is gearing up to launch a version of its first smart speaker.

News that is consistent with recent rumors aim for 2023 for official release. Thus, this will be the second version of this device, originally introduced in 2017.

Return of HomePod

After disappointing sales figures and declining interest, Apple has decided to shelve the HomePod head as a speaker in 2021. premium. Instead, the HomePod mini remains in the company’s catalog to this day as a cheaper and more attractive option for the bulk of users who want to have a corporate speaker at home.

That is why the appearance of a new HomePod to attract the most demanding users is an important fact, taking into account the poor results achieved by its predecessor.

According to Gurman, it is to be expected that The same approach to both size and sound quality. However, it will bring a new multi-touch screen with new features.

In addition, from the above publication it is also noted that this HomePod will integrate the same S8 chip inside which will arrive with the new generation of Apple Watch.

Speaker for every home

The smart home continues to gain popularity over time, and naturally Apple is looking to redouble its efforts in this scenario.

WWDC 2022 left the news on this with an update to the Casa app and the next HomePod will be a new attempt to turn the device into the nerve center of operations in the home of the most demanding in terms of sound.

Source: Hiper Textual

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