It looks like Apple wants its smartwatch to remain the biggest benchmark in the market. We have already seen some new features that the next generation will bring, such as the increase in the size of the Apple Watch Series 8 screen. Future models will have a fingerprint sensor.

Apple is the benchmark for innovation. When the maker of the bitten apple presented the first iPhone, it left its mark on the industry before and after. It then revolutionized the industry once again with its iPad tablets and AirPods earphones. And now he wants to surprise again with his next wearables.

Or this is what emerged from the last patent the company applied for and how we see it. A fingerprint reader can be integrated into the Apple Watch of the future.

An Apple Watch with a fingerprint reader? May be a reality in the future

Before continuing, it should be noted that we are dealing with a patent, so This does not mean that Apple will eventually release a smartwatch with a biometric sensor. But the truth is that it makes a lot of sense as it is an element that will once again make a difference with its competitors.

According to the published information, this Apple patent, fingerprint scanner located on one side of the smartwatch company, just below the button.

The question that concerns us now is What can this fingerprint reader be used for? And the truth is, it can give you a lot more games than you ever imagined. For example, you can use this biometric sensor to perform two-factor authentication. It can also be particularly useful for making payments securely. Simply swipe your finger over the reader to confirm you own the watch and make the payment conveniently.

you may be wondering The reason why Apple doesn’t want to integrate the fingerprint reader under the screen is, Since the Apple Watch and OLED technology will allow it. Most likely, the company prefers to guarantee the best user experience, and a physical fingerprint reader has proven to work faster than one integrated under the screen.

By Launch of Apple’s first smartwatch with fingerprint sensorWe don’t have any information about this at the moment. We have already said that the Apple Watch 8 series will not have this functionality, so the 2023 or even 2024 model will definitely be the first to add this biometric system.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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