The battery is an essential component in laptops, so it’s always a good thing to know the status of the battery. Knowing this can be complicated sometimes, but the truth is, macbook From Apple, the difficulty is minimal as you can verify. Therefore, you will clearly understand whether you need to replace the component or simply improve the use you give the equipment.

The way you communicate in Apple’s operating system for computers, load cycles. These allow you to know with fairly certainty whether the health of the battery is good enough (i.e. as precise as on the iPhone, although the steps are different as you will see).

What are load cycles?

A count from loading operations with equipment and counted each time you fill the component while it is empty, and going to 100% (If you charge your MacBook when you have half of the battery left, it counts half, so it’s not a bad idea to plug in your computer when you have a chance for maximum optimization.)

Apple MacBook laptop on a table


In numbers, to give you an idea, Apple has listed its laptops Maintains 80% of initial capacity while performing 1,000 charge cycles. And this lets you know exactly what state the component is in.

So you can know the status of your MacBook battery

Steps to take to know this information These are listed below:

  • After turning on the computer, click on the apple-shaped icon at the top right of the screen. A context menu appears and there you select About This Mac.
  • Now you will see a new window where you have to select System info and then select Hardware 8 in the options you will see in the top area of ​​the displayed data (it is in the top left area). ).
  • Now click on Power and on the right look for the option Cycles count or similar and you will see a number that the operating system counts.
  • you finished

The truth is, this information about the MacBook is important and very positive Apple shows this very clearly in the operating system. No doubt the rest of the manufacturers should be careful to do something similar.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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