It’s an open secret that Apple is already working on its own foldable phone. We’ve even seen rumors about some of the specs this device will have. However, despite having four versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Z family, the Galaxy Z Fold as a great base, Apple has not yet released a smartphone with a folding screen.

Currently, Samsung dominates this market with an iron fist. Recent reports suggest that 9 out of 10 folding phones sold are from the Korean manufacturer. And the truth is, an iPhone with a pop-up screen will be successful.

Apple is not currently interested in this market

That is why many wonder why the maker of the bitten apple has not released its own folding iPhone. And it seems that the American firm has its reasons. Or this is what comes out of the latest Supply Chain Advisors report collected by our colleagues at SamMobile.

We know that the company does not hesitate to lag behind its competitors technologically. Apple often releases new features that are already available on other devices, and in this case they will do something similar: wait for the market to settle.

Currently, folding panels are very expensive to manufacture, and Apple prefers to wait a little longer to maintain its profit margins before launching a folding phone that doesn’t make as economically as a traditional model.

Market forecasts show Apple earns more than 50% for every iPhone soldtherefore, the price of the folding phone must be very high to maintain this profit margin.

It should be noted that One of Apple’s fundamentals has to do with the high margins of its products. That’s why it’s so hard to see a discounted iPhone or iPad in the official Apple store. It’s usually retailers who cut their profit margins to sell iPhones at a discount.

On the other hand, Ross Young, co-founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, says that Apple’s decision not to release a foldable phone was the right one. it also has to do with a lack of supply.

Few manufacturers can produce folding panels on a large scale other than Samsung Display, and this is very inconvenient for Apple, which will have to sit down with its historic rival again.

So, we are so afraid, if you wait buy folding iphoneYou will have to wait a few years until the market dominates.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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