One of the innovations that Apple has prepared for September 7 is that the new generation smart watches of the Cupertino company will be introduced together with the iPhone 14. And on this occasion, everything shows that there will be a surprise as there will be a new model: Apple WatchPro. Well, an interesting detail that this accessory will offer was known.

This wearable is expected to be an option resistant What the shape of the bitten apple has to offer to the users, everything will be different from everything, as it shows that it can be used in all kinds of situations (while performing activities that are considered excessive, such as climbing) and therefore. traditional Apple Watch. All in all, another addition that makes sense anywhere in the world that would make companies like Garmin see their control in the ultra-rugged smartwatch market at stake.

By the way, everything depends on the building material that this new smartwatch from the North American company will have. titanium. Added to a slightly different design from the traditional model to increase adjustment against drops and bumps, this will definitely avoid the problems usually experienced when cycling or climbing.

Something different on the Apple Watch Pro

As stated in the info source, this model will have something that will make it different and attractive for those who love sports or go to places like mountains. We’re talking about the inclusion of satellite connectivity, which will be combined with access to 5G networks to give you options to always have access to call (and, of course, share) emergency services if needed. state exactly where you are with the issue in question). Added to the aforementioned resistance, this makes a good addition.

Apple Watch smartwatch display


Another thing that is known is that the Apple Watch Pro will have one of the great innovations that will be part of the Watch Series 8 on the day it is introduced along with the iPhone 14. definite anything to do with user health. And that includes using the wearable like a thermometer (for example).

It will be a more expensive smartwatch

This is something that is sure to be very clear to you if you know Apple. signature will increase the price of the new model Smart watch that will be more durable. At the moment, it is unknown how much, but the bet is at least 100 euros is to do it on a winning horse. Therefore, those who want to own the Watch Pro will need to draw their wallets properly.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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