Vault apps, also known as vault apps, are gaining popularity among kids and teens as a way to bypass parental controls on their phones and tablets. These tools hide photos, files, and even other apps behind an innocent look like a calculator.

When using the smartphone, whether iOS or Android, the device offers normal functionality. However, if the user enters a secret code, the “vault” will be replaced by a hidden desktop with other hidden content.

This way, kids and teens can secretly use apps or browsers banned by parents like TikTok to access adult content. These apps can hide malware and pose a risk to minors as they are exposed to the dangers of the Internet without supervision or parental controls.

How do you protect your children online?

Parents should know and be aware of the old trends and tools their children are using when using their mobile devices. For example, Vault apps have been around since 2015 but recently went viral due to videos posted on social media.

Children should not use mobile phones without parent or guardian supervision.  (Source: GettyImages)

To detect if this feature is installed on the mobile, you can check how much space they take up on the mobile device. A calculator app may not exceed one megabyte, while vault apps are heavier and easily exceed hundreds of megabytes.

In addition, parents should take measures to protect their children’s mobile device use, such as setting time limits and preventing access to inappropriate content.

Source: Tec Mundo

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