A black plastic replaces the SIM tray on the US iPhone 14

The US iPhone 14 Pro Max has a useless plastic inside

by Rodrigo Sanchez for iPhone

The arrival of the iPhone 14 brought A very important innovation for US usersthese new models no longer have a SIM card slot and connect to the network via an eSIM.

This is a virtual variant of the SIM as we know it commonly, it resides inside the device; It does not have easy access and has advantages such as possibility. use multiple phone numbersinstant operator changes and good connectivity.

But the surprise doesn’t end there, as that was the purpose of the decision to remove space for the SIM card, although it was expected. take advantage of this space Introducing something new in the iPhone 14 or removing it to increase the size of the battery, unfortunately this was not the case and for the moment the free space is not occupied by anything.

The plastic inside the iPhone Pro Max

Recently, the iFixit team performed the iPhone 14 disassembly, which shows that the internal redesign of this device has improved a lot and is on the way. make it easy to repair.

From his point of view, The most important change the iPhone has made inside from iPhone 4s.

However, for the model iPhone 14 Pro Max The disassembly revealed something unusual, because although many expected Apple to take advantage of the space of the SIM slot that had been removed for devices in the United States, it did not and was filled with a piece of black plastic.

That’s right, in the disassembly video we can see how this iPhone 14 Pro Max unfolds, the various components are very well arranged and when it reaches the innermost part of the device there is a small plastic box, what will be inside? … none.

Literally, the SIM tray and its components have been replaced with a small square piece of plastic that contains nothing and is only used to organize the rest of the components. Without changing the design that the SIM has.

As funny or disappointing as it may seem, remember this: this plastic is only available in US devices. The country where iPhones without a SIM slot will be sold. In the remaining countries, the iPhone will have this component.

Why did Apple do this?

The answer to this event is; A new era begins for iPhone. That’s right, Apple couldn’t take advantage of this free space for anything new because the SIM tray has yet to be removed from iPhones around the world.

Once users have adapted to this change and their global reach has been defined, Apple will be able to begin implementation. what have you planned for this area.

Why yes, most likely the company has plans for this new design that eSIM allows. However, you have to factor in the availability of carriers that can handle eSIMs, sales and acceptance of this new iPhone; among other details and data.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Demolition

Plastic seen in the disassembly of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Rumors about iPhone 14 and SIM slot disappearing fulfilled. It’s only a matter of time before we see this change in many more countries.

Will this change be well received? probably yes, one more step in technology and users will have to accept it. The exciting thing will be when Apple completes this transition and shows us what it’s prepared for. benefit On iPhones this is free space.

Right now the iPhone 14 Pro is starting to succeed and Apple wants production increase. Also, in a few weeks, the company will introduce the new iPad, and there are already rumors that we can predict some news with this iPad.

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Source: i Padizate

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