The installment release of the Pixel 7 Pro is coming to an end. As planned Google revealed this Thursday all the news that its new reference smartphone hides. From your camera to your new Tensor G2 processor. And, of course, its price, which is a pleasant surprise in this generation.

out, news is small but welcome. The front is dominated by the screen, as with all modern Android phones; the front camera is revealed thanks to the perforation at the top of the panel; boards are made of aluminum; The photo module crosses the back of the phone from left to right, but in this case it combines aluminum and glass to achieve a more thoughtful touch; display glass – Gorilla Glass Victus; the phone is protected from splashes and dust (IP68); the rear glass is now single-tone – as opposed to the two-tone finish of the previous model… Overall, this is a phone similar to its predecessor, but at least in the photos, it looks like various details have been improved.

Inside the Pixel 7 Pro lives Google Tensor G2 processor. This SoC is evolving in almost every way, according to the company, but they haven’t provided too much empirical data to quantify this improvement. We will have to test the device in the coming days to see how noticeable this evolution they point to.

However, we must remember that Google’s approach to these processors isn’t necessarily about competing for the most powerful processor or GPU.. The company claims to be approaching these chips from a different perspective: from an artificial intelligence perspective. An area that enables interesting image processing algorithms or other interesting features that pixels have.

One of these functions, for example, Crystal clear calls, which will come later to the Pixel 7 Pro via an update. It promises to minimize distracting sounds, such as wind or traffic noise, during phone calls. Thus, you can better hear the interlocutor on the other end of the wire.


Also includes other interesting features such as automatic removal of unwanted elements in photos or a new option that promises to refocus photos. filmed even with other phones using AI. In the demos that Google did during the presentation, the results are really good.

Regarding RAM and storage, configurations vary by country, but versions up to 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory in the case of the Pixel 7 Pro, three different colors will also be sold: snow, obsidian, and lichen green.

Screen, on the other hand, it stays at 6.7 inches. It also retains the 10Hz to 120Hz dynamic refresh rate of AMOLED technology and QHD+ resolution. What has changed is the brightness: 25% more than the previous model.

Google Pixel 7

As far as biometrics is concerned, Google has implemented a conventional fingerprint sensor under the screen. However, this model also includes an AI-based face unlock system – without 3D sensors like Face ID in the iPhone – something that many people have clamored for in the past.

And continuing security: The Pixel 7 Pro promises to be Google’s most secure mobile device to date thanks to the combination of Tensor G2 and Titan M2 chip.responsible for certain delicate tasks. Two elements that will be accompanied later this year by free access to Google One VPN. In other words, Pixel owners will be able to secure incoming or outgoing traffic thanks to this tunnel.

pixel 7pro

Camera, real star

Google has been shining in photography for several years, and the Pixel 7 Pro doesn’t want to be an exception. The company has implemented various changes in both software and hardware. Here are some of the main ones:

  • The main camera is the same as the previous generation. Same sensor, same 50 megapixels, etc. It might seem conservative, but Google has kept the same sensor in some of its early pixels for years and despite that has only managed to take a step forward thanks to software. We will need to test this model to see if this is the case again.
  • The ultra-wide angle is better and now also allows you to take macro photos from as close as 3 cm.
  • The telephoto lens is now five times taller and is accompanied by various algorithms that promise to improve quality. For example: between 2.5x and 4.9x zoom, i.e. just before switching to telephoto mode, the phone combines information from both telephoto and wide angle to create much sharper images. Google also claims to offer twice the digital equivalent of optical in terms of quality. And in parallel, they promise to improve the quality of images taken with a digital zoom above 5x, reaching 30x in the case of the Pixel 7 Pro. All this is possible thanks to what they call the Pixel Pro Zoom.
  • In terms of video, the Pixel 7 Pro now records in HDR up to 10-bit and offers better stabilization. They’re also releasing a cinematic blur mode that lets you blur the background as if it were a DSLR on video.
  • The company has also trained algorithms that work with skin tones with a much larger number of portraits, reduced the exposure time required for night vision mode, etc.

When will the Pixel 7 Pro go on sale?

The Pixel 7 Pro can now be reserved from both the official Google store and select distributors such as Amazon. The price, unlike what we have seen from other brands, remains unchanged compared to previous generations: 899 euros in Europe. A figure that leaves you in a very good position to compete in the market.

Source: Hiper Textual

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