Apple would work on a dock to turn the iPad into a home accessory

A new iPad accessory may be on the way, turning Apple’s tablet into a smart home device with a charging dock.

by Ángel Roca on iPad

Mark Gurman has prepared a full report on the news that weighs us down a bit on the next iPad Pro with the M2 chip. It looks like Apple has a new iPad accessory that will turn Apple’s tablet into a smart home device.

Although their function is not disclosed, it is likely that accessory can charge iPad and add a more powerful speaker to the device. It’s been rumored that a HomePod with a screen may arrive in the future, but both devices are compatible.

homepod with display

Apple may be working on an accessory to turn the iPad into a home accessory

An accessory that turns the iPad into a device for the home

A few days ago, Google announced a charging base with speakers that magnetically attaches the new Pixel tablet to. making it essentially a smart home screen. And according to Gürman, Apple is working on something similar.

I was told that Apple is working to bring similar functionality to the iPad by 2023. Last year I reported that Apple was investigating a standalone device that combines an iPad with a speaker hub. The idea is to offer something users can place in the kitchen, living room or on the nightstand. But Apple has also worked on an iPad docking accessory that it can sell separately and will do pretty much the same thing.

Pixel tablet dock

Looks like both Google and Apple have a similar idea

The fact is that such an accessory makes a lot of sense. It almost makes more sense than launching a new HomePod with a display. After all, an iPad will always be much more useful than this device and can become more useful when we are not using it. Definitely a smart idea.

This dock should not only charge the iPad, but also activate it. A special app for iPad Enter this new home control mode. We’ll see if it’s a new app or a change to the Home app.

Of course, Gurman ensures that both ideas are compatible. Well, Apple is preparing both a HomePod with a display and this accessory that would replace the iPad. Clearly Apple needs to improve its options in this market, where we currently only have the HomePod mini, and it looks like we’ll have some big news next year.

Google and Amazon are ahead of Apple in this market, where the company has never tried too hard. But it looks like Apple wants to bet on it now, and we can see it. Up to 3 new devices coming soon: a refurbished HomePod, a HomePod with a display, and this dock for iPad.

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