this week looks like it will be important XiaomiAs far as is known, new devices will be presented, from phones to laptops. The latter is something that is more recently known and, moreover, officially known. And it all suggests that the Asian firm’s idea is to compete face-to-face with Apple’s MacBook.

The Asian firm posted a message in which it shared an image showing that a new laptop from the company will go official this week. And this will belong to the range Xiaomi BookAir 13. In other words, it is one of the models that is considered to be a good option in mobility conditions thanks to its good features and low weight.

As you can see in the image we shared and published after this paragraph, there is one thing that stands out in particular: This will obviously happen. The thinnest model Xiaomi has released (estimated to be under 12 millimeters). This is what will allow it to compete with Apple equipment, and the truth is the thickness is impressive because everything indicates that this will be less than any MacBook that can be bought on the market. It is also clearly seen that the device will have two ports. usb type cthis will definitely be the chosen port for charging the battery.

The side of the new Xiaomi Book Air 13 laptop


What is known about the new Xiaomi Book Air

There’s not a lot of information on what Xiaomi’s computer has to offer, what is certain is that it will have a 13-inch display (predictably with a 2,880 x 1,800 pixel resolution panel) OLED and 16:10 aspect ratio). In addition, it is most logical to consider the twelfth generation Intel Core processors -i5, as well as i7-. This is because bets on AMD components to date have not been particularly common with Xiaomi.

With a variety of options when it comes to quantity data storeIt will go up to 16GB type LPDDRR5 -To provide high speed when working with information. The storage will undoubtedly be SSD. As such, it looks like the performance won’t be out of tune. But yes, it won’t be typical of high-end laptops on the market.

Introduction date of this laptop

Well, as the information source indicates, it will be the next day October 27 When will this computer be official? This means that the new Redmi Note 12, a mid-range device but a smartphone that will have as stunning detail as it has a 200MP camera, will be a travel companion. So it’s clear that the company has a lot of good preparations to attack the not-so-distant Christmas campaign very effectively.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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