In the last chapter of the first season dragon houseDamon Targaryen, played by Matt Smith, is absent from a council that analyzes the situation of family and allies in the face of a possible war. Rhaenyra Targaryens explains when asked that he does various things. This has not yet been shown, but it is later revealed that Damon was approaching a mythical dragon in the story.

From the beginning of the season Damon Targaryen It was one of the axes on which history revolved. His actions, sometimes caused by excessive ambition, or his immaturity, or conflicting relations with his brother, entailed a number of consequences from which he was not rich. This character, as the story progressed, became more attached to the traditions and pride of the family.

Therefore, his absence for a moment at the military tribunal was conspicuous and, perhaps, symbolic. While various stakeholders analyze possible alliances, and Rhaenyra Targaryen does not want to strike the first blow in this conflict, Damon Targaryen distances himself from these discussions and begins to move the pieces on the chessboard that the series represents. In this sense, the weight of dragons is more than relevant. As various events show, this becomes necessary.

House of the Dragon is a new series in the Game of Thrones universe.

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Wanted Dragon Name
by Damon Targaryen

Daemon Targaryen gradually and cautiously enters a kind of cellar, into the Dragon. At the same time, accompanied by a lit torch, he hums a song. He does it on the go, without changing his tone of voice or raising it. He seems to want to draw attention to himself, but not too much. The character is aware of something that the viewer has not yet discovered: there is a dragon in that basement.

This is not about some kind of dragon, within the framework of mythology dragon housebut from Vermitorknown in the story by the nickname “bronze fury“. This copy belonged Jaehaerys Targaryens I. After his death, and at the moment the adapted story is found, he is free from the rider. According to information from camera in handIt “the second oldest living dragon after Vhagar, has considerable experience in warfare.“.

Dragon House

This search is organized in a context in which Daemon Targaryen registers and evaluates the powers they have and the dragons available for combat. It is clear that his intention is to secure a connection with the Fury of the Bronze in the face of a warlike conflict at the gates.

Why is he known as the “Bronze Fury”?

Vermitor’s nickname is closely related to his appearance. Its scales are bronze in color with hints of cinnamon. The comparisons with metal don’t end there. His eyes also summon this material, and when his flame reaches its maximum power, it is able to melt steel and stone. The fury comes from his insatiable participation in various battles. In the current context dragon housebefore the section called “The Dance of the Dragons”, this specimen is about 100 years old.

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