iPhone SE 4: a device that generates many doubts and questions

The fourth generation iPhone SE is coming soon, but we still have many doubts about its design, features and price.

by Ángel Roca on iPhone

iPhone SE has always been A special iPhone that Apple released almost by surprise. Despite having the most powerful chip Apple had at the time, it is always positioned as the cheapest iPhone in the entire catalog. And a lot is expected from the iPhone SE 4.

Everything What we’ve heard about the iPhone SE 4 sounds really good, has a more up-to-date design and a size more appropriate for this time. However, we still have many doubts and questions about this device.

iPhone SE 4 Concept

iPhone SE 4 will come sooner or later with many new features

Release date

Throughout history, Apple has released 3 iPhone SE models. The first model was launched in 2016 leveraging the iPhone 5s design, the second in 2020 with the iPhone 8 design, and the third generation just two years later, in 2022 and with the same design as the previous one.

Well, Looks like Apple doesn’t have a clear timetable this forces a new iPhone SE to be released every 4 or 2 years. Therefore, it is quite difficult to know what the release date of the 4th generation iPhone SE will be.

Many rumors point to this Coming in early 2023ie just a year after the iPhone SE 3. However, there is no guarantee that this will be the case and that the next iPhone SE will be available later.

iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE 3 was introduced just a few months ago

Screen size

this The iPhone SE has always had a “small” screen size. Compared to the rest of the iPhone lineup. First, 3.5 inches while the rest of the range is 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and then 4.7 inches when all iPhones far exceed 5.4 inches. And logic tells us it has to go on like this.

However, there are conflicting rumors here. Apple will evaluate two screen sizes, one 5.7 and the other 6.1 inches. If you choose the first size, it will be a smaller iPhone and if it reaches 6.1 inches, it will be the same in size as the regular iPhone and iPhone Pro.


always always always iPhone SE used the design of a previous iPhone. One of the keys to its affordability is that Apple uses the body of an old iPhone, so it doesn’t need to invest in the design or the machinery that can produce it.

And hopefully iPhone SE 4 also reuses a previous design. And everything seems to indicate that the chosen design belongs to the iPhone XR. This allows this iPhone to have a 6.1 inch screen, although it can be slightly modified.

iPhone SE 4th generation

This could be the 4th generation iPhone SE, iPhone XR design and new colors

Touch ID or Face ID?

iPhone XR had Face ID in the notch and It makes sense to think that if the iPhone SE 4 uses this design, it will take over Face ID technology as well.. The iPhone SE is the only iPhone model to keep Touch ID on the home button, and that could change with the next generation.

However, there is also the possibility that Apple is using it. Lock button with Touch ID This is the iPad Air or iPad 2022 on the iPhone SE 4. It’s a question we’ll have until the last moment.

Will it use an OLED screen?

All iPhone SEs not only retained the design of a previous iPhone, they also used the same screen. Should Apple opt for the iPhone XR design over the new iPhone SE 4? it makes sense to think that it would be an LCD screen with a resolution of 1,792 x 828 pixels.. It’s exactly the same as what we saw on the iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

However, there are those who think so. Apple may switch to OLED technology and that this new iPhone SE 4 can change the technology of its display, choosing for example what we see in the iPhone 12.


iPhone SE has always bragged An “affordable” price in the iPhone rangeThey were always around 500 euros. But Apple has increased the prices of all new iPhones this year, so that’s a question mark these days.

Currently the iPhone SE costs 559 euros and the next cheapest iPhone in the Apple Store is the iPhone 12, priced at 809 euros. No doubt the price of the iPhone SE 4 should be between these two, it could be stop at 599 eurosbut we wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches 699.

Of course, iPhone SE 4 could be a very good alternative in case all rumors come true. It currently has a very small screen, an outdated design that takes its toll on aspects like battery life or the multimedia section. We’ll see the price and when it arrives.

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